Alexander Futekov

Happniess fundamentalist and pragmatic extremist.

Father of two kids, both fans of deconstructivism and strict believers in anarchy.

Web Dev

I enjoy working with web languages, their dialects, and related technologies.

Home Design

Without a proper hobby, home improvements became one. Some of the ideas I'm proud of:

Media server and weather station

"The Bauhaus aimed to reunite fine art and functional design, creating physical objects with the soul of artworks."
A Raspberry Pi media server with a weather station with a 16x16 color display, connected to a router. It can automatically download TV series & subtitles for them. Notifications to any smartphone upon new downloads.

TV, Audio and smart home hub

IKEA Kallax solution that saves space and money. The black box holds a Logitech Z906 subwoofer and a hidden Apple TV (home hub). The two white IKEA decorative boxes are storage for toys.

Hair Dryer Storage

What's easier:
  • Alwasy plugged in, cam still be connected elsewhere
  • Easy to grab and use, cord needs between max 1 unwrap to reach a comfortable position at the mirrot
  • Commonly-used accessories attached to door via magnets
  • All other accessories stored inside the same space-efficient compartment



Lego Wall


Science Nerd

Holds a BA from AUBG & MSc from UoE.

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